Water Truck Module For Hino

Water Truck Module For Hino

National Water Carts deliver our range of Water Truck Modules Australia wide, The process is simple, and lead times are reasonable. All we need to design your module is the Make, Model of your truck, wheelbase, and chassis measurements etc.

Call us on 1300 881 484 ,or email sales@nationalwatercarts.com.au

The module comes with rails to match your chassis width, and spring mounts.

The module can feature rear drop with chequerplate inserts etc, or if you have an option fitted for towing, we have a top bumper.

Lights are included, and controls are a simple plug & play system. It’s a very easy fit for yourself, or local engineering firm to fit the unit up to the chassis.

We offer a range of spray, pump and water cannon options, to suit your requirements.

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